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Approximately one-sixth of the Dutch municipalities now have a COA asylum centre. In some municipalities there are several reception locations, for example an azc and a process reception centre. Most reception locations are regular asylum seekers' centres.

In 2017, the total capacity for the central reception of asylum seekers was reduced to 31,000 available places spread over approximately 60 locations. In 2018, the COA will again take measures to bring the available reception capacity into balance with the expected inflow and outflow of asylum seekers. The COA will close 11 locations this year; 51 reception locations will remain open.

Closed reception centres

The map of the Netherlands below shows all COA locations where asylum seekers reside. The COA also manages a number of locations that are not inhabited. These locations have been closed due to the low inflow of asylum seekers, but the agreements with the municipality and / or letter are still on-going. In some cases, the COA owns the property.

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