Work and education

Work offers economic independence. It also contributes to the successful integration of the refugees. Asylum seekers integrate more easily by working as a volunteer or attending training. They also increase their chances of finding a paid job. 

Early integration and participation

Early integration and participation encompasses all activities and work of the COA to better and at an early stage connect with the opportunities and talents of the residents with the aim that residents can participate and integrate as quickly as possible in the Netherlands. The COA works closely with the municipalities and other partners in the society to continue developing the integration and participation offer for the residents.

Work and learn

The COA encourages the residents - permit holders and asylum seekers – to work or do voluntary work during their stay in the reception centre. We help them to create a personal file and to map out their career opportunities. In addition, the residents can follow various educational programmes at the reception centres. For example, language lessons and the training 'Living and life in a COA-reception centre'. For the permit holders in reception centres there is the Preparation for Civic Integration programme and the VOORwerk project.

Adult education

To follow a (follow-up) training the adults can receive support from the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF. The UAF assists refugees with their studies and finding a job that matches their abilities. It also supports refugees with grants and loans to follow a study in higher education.

Open Learning Centre

Any reception centre has an Open Learning Centre where there are computers. The residents can follow (online) lesson programmes at different levels at their own pace. Children can do their homework here. There is guidance from fellow residents and Dutch volunteers.