Reception of asylum seekers

Upon arrival in the Netherlands, asylum seekers often have no more possessions than the clothes they wear. The COA will assist and accommodate them. The reception comprises shelter, pocket money and access to basic services such as healthcare. This is laid down in the Regulation for Provisions for Asylum Seekers and other categories of foreign nationals (Rva). There are different types of reception centres. Where an asylum seekers lives, depends on the phase of the asylum procedure.

For whom?

The right to reception applies to all foreign national who are in the asylum procedure. Foreign nationals who submit a repeated asylum application are only entitled to reception if they enter the Extended Asylum Procedure. There is no right to reception during the waiting period till the repeat asylum application can be submitted. There are also circumstances in which an asylum seeker loses the right to reception, for example if he misbehaves in such a way that he is declared an undesirable foreign national.


For the minors who came to the Netherlands without a family, the unaccompanied minor aliens, there is a seperate reception centre. Independent of the outcome of the asylum procedure, young people are entitled to reception till the day they turn 18. Then the same procedure applies to them as for the adult asylum seekers.