Reception centres

The COA is responsible for the reception of asylum seekers. From the moment an asylum seeker enters the Netherlands, he will be taken care of in one of our reception centres. Our basic principle is that a bed is available for everyone who is entitled to it.

Each centre is different

The COA reception centres are located throughout the country. Every centre is different. Residents live in former prisons, convents or barracks, in caravans or in semi-permanent residential units. Some asylum seekers' centres are in the middle of the forest, some are in the middle of a city or right in a village. Important requirements for the location of a reception centre are that the location is easily accessible by public transport and that there are sufficient facilities in the vicinity, such as a supermarket and schools.

The same rights and obligations

No matter where an asylum seeker finds himself, in Groningen or Limburg: in all reception centres the same rights and obligations apply to the asylum seekers. This way we ensure that the residents receive the same treatment everywhere. Moreover, for a resident who has to move to another location, it is nice to know how the reception is organised.

Sufficient reception centres

According to the law, reception is provided until an asylum seeker receives a residence permit. And if he does not get a permit: during the period when he has to leave the country. One of the COA's tasks is to ensure that there are always sufficient reception centres. If there is an unexpected influx of asylum seekers, it may be necessary to use temporary centres such as holiday parks or hotels. If the number of asylum seekers to be received decreases, we have to close some centres.