Receiving asylum seekers is not just a matter for the Netherlands, but for all of Europe. The COA has many contacts in other European countries, and we exchange knowledge and experience. Especially Brussels is important, both for consultation purposes and subsidies. Outside of Europe, the COA plays a role in the selection and training of invited refugees. In this way we help internationally in solving social issues.


The COA has built an extensive European network, with various (refugee) organisations. We participate in international projects on a regular basis. We do this on our own initiative or assigned by our principal (the ministry of Justice and Security). With our longstanding experience as reception organisation we can help other countries. Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Turkey are already making use of our expertise. Cooperation and efforts in the European context have increased further in the recent years.


The COA regularly relies on internationally granted subsidies to realise projects. One example is the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). This fund finances, inter alia, projects aimed at asylum, resettlement and integration.


The COA plays an important part in the selection and training of resettled refugees. On average, the Netherlands takes in 750 invited refugees per year. In addition, since 2016 resettlement from Turkey has been taking place. You can read more on resettlement of refugees.