Cooperating partners

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides a structural contribution to the collection, sorting and supply of clothes for asylum seekers in the COA reception centres. That task is fulfilled on a daily basis by the Salvation Army via its 60 corpses and 6 ReShare Stores. Even when the COA receives clothes for which they have no direct use, the Army takes care of collection and sorting.

Nidos Foundation

Nidos Foundation is a corporate guardian for unaccompanied minor asylum seekers. Under Dutch law every minor must have a responsible adult, taking care of his interests. That can be a parent or in the absence of parents, a guardian. The youngsters have no parents in the Netherlands. In that case Nidos provides a guardian. The minors stay in a COA reception centre or, when they are younger than 15 years, in foster families or small-scale accommodation.

Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF)

Adults who wish to go to school can be supported by the refugee-students foundation UAF. The UAF supports refugees with advice and information, but also helps them by being a mentor during their studies, assist them in finding work and financial support.

Dutch Council for Refugees (VWN)

VWN is an independent organisation, dedicating themselves to the interests of refugees and asylum seekers. Their work varies from personal support during the asylum procedures to practical support when they build up their life in the Netherlands. VWN cooperates closely with the legal aid foundation Stichting Rechtsbijstand Asiel. Usually, VWN staff members can be found in all reception centres, but sometimes they have consultation hours only.

National Foundation for the Promotion of Happiness

Happiness is active in many locations of the COA. They organise recreational activities for children and youngsters. The COA facilitates Happiness at the locations. We have arrangements regarding the activities and the available means, per location.